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G.I. Bill ® and Apprenticeship Programs - How They Work

The basic idea is that the G.I. Bill ® will offset the reduced apprentice wage with a housing stipend based on your geographic area.  The stipend is reduced as the apprentice achieves pay increases through the program.  What subsequently happens is the Veteran Apprentice receives essentially Journeyman scale during the duration of his apprenticeship program. 

Post 9/11 GI Bill ® - Most recent and common today

They base the stipend on the current military Housing Allowance at a E-5 with dependants level.  The zip code that is used for payment amount is based on the location of the school not where the individual lives.  For Lansing (2017) that number is $1410.00 per month and Detroit is $1692.00 tax free.  That number will be gradually reduced based on the chart below.

Training Period

Monthly Stipend

First six months of training

100 %

Second six months of training


Third six months of training


Fourth six months of training


Remaining pursuit of training


Montgomery GI Bill ®

The Montgomery G.I. Bill ® which is the older version that some veterans may still have pay out the following set rates regardless of geographic location. 

Training Period

Monthly Stipend

First six months of training


Second six months of training


Remainder of training



Veterans Affairs On-the-Job & Apprenticeship Training Programs

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