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BAC Leader 2 Leader (L2L) Program

Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.
- Vince Lombardi

Course Description - 8 hours

L2L Training includes Mentoring Concepts, Effective Communication, Understanding Individual Differences, Understanding Human Motivation, and Leadership.

L2L Training provides Journeymen with the tools necessary to effectively transfer skills, culture, and values to apprentices. It is an important tool in workforce development that has been proven to improve apprentice productivity, quality workmanship, and retention.

L2L benefits individuals at any stage of their career development including foremen and supervisors.

BAC Leader 2 Leader (L2L) is the “better mousetrap”. It captures an Apprentice’s need for reliable training; the contractor’s need for a skilled and productive employee; organized labor and industry’s need for a secure future through a consistently trained, highly skilled, workforce.

Contractors - Increase your bottom line!

In the competition, everyone is looking for an edge. BAC L2L is an EDGE!

The BAC Leader 2 Leader (L2L) program shortens the learning curve for Apprentices, which prevents learning the costly, old fashion, “hard way”. It reinforces positive work ethics and attitudes; provides Apprentices with role models; and improves the image of the masonry industry.

BAC Local 2 Mentoring Article - Skilled Trades Mentoring Article published in the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Benefits & Compensation Digest - The Multiemployer Perspective - Vol. 46 August 2005

Leader to Leader program

Foremen - Take a load off!

Are you looking for ways to increase productivity and quality workmanship without adding to your list of responsibilities? BAC L2L is the answer!

BAC Leaders are positive role models at the job site that provide the following: timely intervention so apprentices don't learn the costly “hard way”; guidance in identifying short- and long-term goals; consistent formation of proper techniques that are professional and productive. As Foremen you provide oversight, while the BAC Leader handles the day-to-day responsibility of training apprentices. This reduces your workload.

Journeymen - Make sure the "Craft is Back" to stay!

Securing the future of organized labor through a consistently well trained, highly skilled workforce is everyone’s responsibility. Quality masonry construction is built by skilled craftworkers. BAC L2L insures that craftsmanship and BAC pride is passed from generation to generation!

As artisans of our trowel trades, it is imperative to effectively communicate to future journeyworkers the core values and procedures of the trowel crafts. Through BAC L2L, you will be shaping the future rather than “letting the chips fall where they may”. As BAC Leaders it is our responsibility to develop skilled craftworkers that have BAC pride.

Apprentices - Don't learn the hard way!

BAC L2L is a bridge that supports an apprentice as he or she successfully transitions from the training center to the job site. BAC L2L promotes pride in workmanship, quality, and job satisfaction.

An apprentice must be willing to take ownership of his or her future and education. This is accomplished by assigning yourself the tasks of listening and observing, having an inquisitive attitude, accepting constructive criticism, committing to the self-assessment process, developing pride in workmanship, and associating productivity with personal satisfaction.

BAC Leaders serve as role models for their technical expertise, work ethic, and relationships with others. BAC Leaders serve as “go to persons” when an apprentice has a question.

To benefit from the mentoring of a BAC Leader at your jobsite, contact Howard Hipes, Apprentice/Training/Mentoring Coordinator, by cell phone at (517) 749-1102 or email